Method development for in situ imaging


Electron microscopy method development

One of the core techniques used in the group is electron microscopy (EM). EM is a unique imaging technique that allows us to tackle questions at the interface of structural and cell biology. We seek to develop methods for in situ structural biology, to resolve macromolecular structures in complex three-dimensional environments (see Bharat et al, 2018). We are working on improving data collection at the microscope, as well improving image processing of high-volume direct-electron detector data (please see Bharat et al, 2015 and Bharat et al, 2012 for examples). These efforts are highly complementary to the biological questions addressed in the laboratory as we seek to gain insight into questions fundamental to bacterial cell biology.



We collaborate with several scientists within the University of Oxford and with many laboratories outside Oxford. Please do get in touch if you are interested in working with us.